50 Mini Edge Banding Machine Woodworking Machinery

  • Banding height: 7~60mm
  • Edge Type: Straight/ Curve/ Alien
  • Tape cutting method: Automatically
  • Motor power: 1200w Copper wire
  • Glue tank: 1000ml
  • Speed: 0~6m/min
  • Edge sealing height: 50mm

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Automatic Belt Breaking and Edge Banding Machine

Belt breaking mode: automatc belt breaking
Gluing method: double-sided gluing
Speed requlation mode: stepless speed change
Heating time: 5-8 min
Glue capacity: 1000ml
Shape of edge banding pate: curved, straight and special-shaped plate
Heating pipe: 4 heating pipes
Edge sealing height: 50mm
Overall dimensions: 54*54*56cm
Net weight: 26kg