Upgraded WJ-100 Invisible Stainless Steel Dust-free saw

  • 8inch big saw with 2600w motor of speed 4500rpm
  • 4inch small saw with 1300w motor of speed 13000rpm
  • Vacuuming motor 1200w
  • Table Size 120*100cm
  • Folding Size 100*60*35cm
  • Unfolding Size 215*250*75cm
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  1. Special aluminum alloy linear precision square ail for slicing table saw,single-ayer side, double-row invisible, compact and tight,smooth and stable, no jerkin the sliding plate, and no scaly cut.
  2. Up-presing aluminum alloy four-sided flat vertical backer, extreme lever push clamp, left and right universal, comprehensively solve the disadvantages of lefpush and right clamp reversing, and the design is more reasonable.
  3. Dismantlina free rioht-anole foding incind beam. no diassembiv eouired for slicdina table folding.simplifed instalation. Reinforce bendina protection antsupport firmly and stably.
  4. The net weight of the platform is 4kg, the technology is more advanced, the extremely lightweight design, the portability property is strengthened,theadaptability is improved, and the on-site operation in the small space of high floors is free to enter and exit.
  • Push surface material: 1.0mm stainless steel plate
  • Push surface size:1200*1000mm
  • Sliding table height:700-750mm adjustable
  • Frame structure: detachable right angle folding inclined beam
  • Sliding table quide rai: aluminum alloy linear precision square rail
  • Unfolded size:2150*2500*750mm
  • Accessories:2 auxiliary idlers+1 extended idlers
  • Inverted port:500*300mm
  • Net weight of sliding table: 40kg
  • Package size:1100*830*530mm