3Pcs Anti-static Tweezers Set


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ESD-11, ESD-13, ESD-15 3pcs Non-magnetic Steel Tweezers.

Material: Anti magnetic,anti stick,anti acid ESD stainless steel

Color: Paint coating surface, shown as pictures.

Availability: Picking up electronic components,maitaining electronic devices(Mobile phone, computer, watch, glasses) clipping circuit chips, operating on Stenosis places, fine handwork tool kit

ESD 11 Long, straight head for Precision electronic components
ESD 13 Flat and round head good for circuit chip
ESD 15 Curved and bending head suitable to narrow and small place

Package list:
ESD-11 Tweezers x 1
ESD-13 Tweezers x 1
ESD-15 Tweezers x 1


1.This 3pcs tweezers set are made of non-magnetic,anti stick, anti acid, durable stainless steel material.
2.This 3pcs tweezers are very convenient and flexible for very wide range jobs,like electronic and fine works,electronic devices repair, fine handworks,manicure job etc.
3.Anti-magnetic,anti stick tweezers can be used on jewellery,sewing,manicure etc.
4.Attention: Please keep the tweezers in safe place.

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