3″ 360° Swivel Bench Vise


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360°Tabletop Vise Rotating Jaw Head Swivel Vise 3″ Work Bench Clamp

Material:Alloy aluminum
Availability:Good tools for the woodworking, jewelry, garage, handicraft work, a workshop, small repairs, model makers, craft lesson, general use overall.
Jaws width : 3″
Jaws opens : 2″
Clamp opens : 2″
Length upright : 12.2″


1.Good quality, Silver color,widely applied and easy operating.
2.360°smooth metal rotating jaw head with removable rubber to protect parts clamped.
3.For holding the wire and rods tightly,one jaw is designed with perpendicular cross groove lines.
4.The jaws can move to any angle ,rotate 360° and hold firmly by ball and socket.
5.This 360°Tabletop Swivel Vise can fit any table and workbench with adjustable and wide opening.

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