Upgraded Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit with RFID

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  • Arduino UNO R3 Upgraded Leaning Kit

    This arduino starter kit including:
    1 x Arduino UNO R3 control board with USB cable
    1 x Breadboard and
    1 x Breadboard jumper wires
    1 x M/F dupont jumper wires
    15 x LEDs in there colors
    1 x 1602 LCD I2C
    1 x Resistors(220R, 10K, 1K)
    1 x Potentiometer
    2 x Buzzer
    1 x 74HC595
    1 x Infrared receiver
    1 x LM35
    1 x Flame sensor
    1 x Roll ball switch
    3 x Potentiometer
    4 x Button switch
    1 x Remote control
    1 x 4-digital nixie tube
    1 x 1-digital nixie tube
    1 x 8*8 dot matrix
    1 x Stepping motor and driver module
    1 x SG90 9g Servo
    1 x Joystick module
    1 x Temperature and humidity module
    1 x Water level measurement sensor
    1 x RFID module
    1 x RFID key
    1 x RFID IC blank card
    1 x Sound module
    1 x Relay module
    1 x Clock module
    1 x 4*4 matrix buttons
    1 x RGB module
    1 x Battery Connector

  • by Aaron BrownDate Added: 03/30/2016
    Very suitable for beginners.

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