Through-hole Rubber Grommets Electric Cable Protector Rubber Ring Wiring Grommets


  • Our rubber grommets are made of quality rubber material, flexible, durable, insulating, flame-retardant.
  • Prevent the wire from being scratched by the drilled holes. These grommets allow the cable to safely pass through the holes on the metal plate.
  • Easy to install, just push the grommet into the cutout hole by hand.
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Our firewall rubber grommets are made from high-quality EPDM rubber, which offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, wear, flame, and insulation. Compared to lower-cost PVC alternatives, our high-quality rubber grommets can last much longer and provide a better user experience.

These grommets are commonly used for cables, such as cabinets and electrical equipment passing through panels, which can effectively organize and protect cables. Push them into place to protect wires and cables by turning sharp holes into smooth holes. Typically used on metal plates, it also acts as a shock absorber.

Our rubber grommets are made from tough, flexible rubber that withstands vibration, friction, and general wear and tear. They last longer than cheaper plastic versions.

The inner hole of the grommets protects the wiring and prevents damage from rubbing and fraying against bare metal edges. This avoids dangerous shorts and faults.

Grommets are very easy to install by hand without any tools or drilling required. Simply locate the hole and press the rubber grommet firmly into place for a secure friction fit. This saves time and effort.

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FRG-T1012, FRG-T1014, FRG-T1215, FRG-T1417, FRG-T1620, FRG-T1623, FRG-T1822, FRG-T2025, FRG-T2228, FRG-T2328, FRG-T2530, FRG-T3035, FRG-T3540, FRG-T4050, FRG-T47, FRG-T5060, FRG-T58, FRG-T6070, FRG-T610, FRG-T7080, FRG-T79, FRG-T810, FRG-T812, FRG-T915