Slide in T nut Pre-Assembly T Slot Sliding Nuts for European Standard Aluminum Profiles


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T Sliding Nut, Slide in T Nut, Square Nuts, T Slot Nuts for Aluminum Extrusion CNC Router 3D Printer

These slide  in T slot nuts suitable for metric 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 45mm series european standard aluminum profiles.
Please confirm the size referring image before order.

Material: Quality carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
Finish: Nickel-plated, Zinc-plated

slide in t nuts

Introducing our Slide-in T-Nut for Aluminum Extrusion, the perfect solution for effortless and secure connections in your T-slot assembly projects. Specifically designed for aluminum extrusions, our T-nuts offer simplicity and reliability.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our Slide-in T-Nuts are made from high-quality carbon steel and 304 stainless steel that ensure long-lasting performance. Their sturdy construction provides a reliable anchor point, giving you peace of mind for various applications.

With their user-friendly slide-in design, these T-nuts can be easily inserted into the T-slots of aluminum extrusions. No complex modifications or pre-machining are required. Simply slide the T-nut into the slot, and it will firmly grip the extrusion, creating a secure connection for attaching components.

Our Slide-in T-Nuts are compatible with most standard T-slotted aluminum extrusions, making them a versatile choice for any project. Whether you’re constructing machine frames, setting up workstations, designing display systems, or building custom furniture, these T-nuts will seamlessly integrate into your aluminum extrusion profiles.

Key Features:
Ideal fit for T-slotted aluminum profiles.
Effortless slide-in installation.
Reliable and secure connection, ensures stability and peace of mind.
Fits most standard T-slotted aluminum extrusions.

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15-M3 100pcs, 15-M4 100pcs, 15-M5 100pcs, 20-M3 100pcs, 20-M4 100pcs, 20-M5 100pcs, 20-M6 100pcs, 30-M3 100pcs, 30-M4 100pcs, 30-M5 100pcs, 30-M6 100pcs, 30-M8 100pcs, 30A-M3 100pcs, 30A-M4 100pcs, 30A-M5 100pcs, 30A-M6 100pcs, 30A-M8 100pcs, 40-M3 20pcs, 40-M4 20pcs, 40-M5 20pcs, 40-M6 20pcs, 40-M8 20pcs, 40-W18-M4 20pcs, 40-W18-M5 20pcs, 40-W18-M6 20pcs, 40-W18-M8 20pcs, 45-M10 20pcs, 45-M4 20pcs, 45-M5 20pcs, 45-M6 20pcs, 45-M8 20pcs, 45-W18-M10 20pcs, 45-W18-M3 20pcs, 45-W18-M4 20pcs, 45-W18-M5 20pcs, 45-W18-M6 20pcs, 45-W18-M8 20pcs, SS20-M3 20pcs, SS20-M4 20pcs, SS20-M5 20pcs, SS20-M6 20pcs, SS30-M3 20pcs, SS30-M4 20pcs, SS30-M5 20pcs, SS30-M6 20pcs, SS30-M8 20pcs, SS40-M4 20pcs, SS40-M5 20pcs, SS40-M6 20pcs, SS40-M8 20pcs, SS45-W18-M6 20pcs, SS45-W18-M8 20pcs