Rubber Grommets for Wiring Cable Protection Electrical Appliance Wholesale


  • These rubber grommets are made of quality rubber material, with flexible, durable, insulating, flame-retardant, dustproof.
  • Acts as a guard protects wires and cables from sharp metal edges, allowing wires to safely pass through frames, firewalls, metal sheets and other electrical applications.
  • Easy to install, just push the rubber grommet into the cutout hole by hand. No cutting and no tools required!
Widely used for firewall, automotive, switch cabinet, electrical cabinet, electrical box outlet protection and so on.
For electronics applications, rubber grommets are useful when a wire has to go through metal or other material that can cause damage to it, any type of cables are secured from sharp edges and corners.
Rubber Grommets
Rubber Grommets
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FRG-M1620, FRG-M1822, FRG-M2025, FRG-M2530, FRG-M2832, FRG-M3235, FRG-M3238, FRG-M3540, FRG-M4250, FRG-M5060, FRG-M6070, FRG-M7080