Quality Rubber Feet Bumpers for Cutting Board Electronics Furniture Equipment 100 Choices


  • Material: Rubber; Color: Black
  • Built-in stainless steel washer, make the rubber feet more stable and durable.
  • Screws are NOT included, please purchase screws separately.
  • Refer to the size table in the description for detailed dimensions.
  • Ship worldwide.
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Rubber Feet: Essential Pads for Furniture and Electronic Devices

Hundreds of sizes for furnitrue, electronics, electrical equipment, etc.

rubber feet size list

Rubber feet are small components that are widely used in furniture and electronic devices. They provide various functions such as anti-slip, cushioning, floor protection, and height adjustment, bringing a lot of convenience to our daily lives and work environments.Ā 

The main function of rubber feet is to provide anti-slip and cushioning effects. Due to their rubber material, they can provide good anti-slip effects without damaging the floor, preventing furniture or electronic devices from sliding or tilting. They can also reduce vibration and noise, protect the equipment, and improve the user experience. At the same time, rubber feet can also be used to adjust the height of furniture or electronic devices, making them more stable and comfortable.

In home environments, rubber feet can be used on the bottom of furniture such as tables, chairs, and beds, providing anti-slip, cushioning, and floor protection effects. In terms of electronic devices, they can be used on the bottom of TVs, speakers, computers, printers, and other devices, providing shock absorption, anti-slip, and noise reduction effects. In addition, rubber feet can also be used on the bottom of kitchen items such as ovens, baking pans, and microwaves, providing anti-slip and table protection effects. They can also be used on the bottom of beauty tools such as makeup mirrors and hair styling tools, providing anti-slip and table protection effects.

Widely used as anti-slip pads, cushioning pads, pads, rubber foot pads, furniture pads, electronic device pads, floor protection pads, height adjustment pads, and easy-to-install pads.Ā 

In summary, rubber feet are essential small components in home and office that can provide a lot of convenience to our lives and work. Whether it is anti-slip, cushioning, floor protection, or height adjustment, rubber feet can help you solve problems. If you are looking for rubber feet, we hope you can find one here.

Non-slipĀ  – Prevents slipping and sliding, providing a secure and stable base for furniture or electronics.

Small rubber feet – Compact and discreet, ideal for use in smaller items such as picture frames or electronics.

Black colorĀ  – A classic color that matches well with many types of furniture and electronic devices.

Silicone material – Soft and flexible, providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

Round shape – A versatile shape that can be used on a variety of items, providing stability and protection.

Rubber furniture feet – Protects floors from scratches and prevents furniture from sliding or tipping over.

Rubber feet for electronics – Provides shock absorption, anti-slip, and noise reduction effects for electronic devices.

Heavy duty rubber feet – Provides extra durability and stability for heavier items, such as machinery or industrial equipment.

Anti vibration rubber feet – Provides excellent shock absorption and noise reduction, ideal for use with heavy machinery or equipment.

Industrial rubber feet – Designed for use in industrial settings, providing durability and stability in harsh environments.

Rubber bumper feet for appliances – Protects floors and countertops from scratches and provides stability for appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines.

Rubber machinery feetĀ  – Provides stability and vibration damping for machinery and equipment.

Rubber chairs feet – Provides stability and prevents scratching of floors, making chairs more comfortable and practical.

Rubber tables feetĀ  – Protects surfaces from scratches and prevents tables from sliding or tipping over, ensuring a stable and safe surface.

Cutting board feet – Keep your cutting board, chopping boards, cheese board,Ā  butcher board from sliding on a smooth countertop. You can aslo order the Best-selling Cutting Board Feet from our website.

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D11x9xH5, D11x9xH6, D12x8xH7, D12x8xH9, D13x10xH7, D14x11xH11, D14x11xH9, D15x12xH8, D16x12xH12, D17x13xH14, D17x14xH10, D18x14xH10, D18x15xH5, D18x15xH8, D19x15xH11, D19x15xH17, D19x16xH15, D20x14xH17, D20x15xH8, D20x16xH10.5, D20x16xH20, D20x20xH22, D21x15xH12, D21x17xH11, D22x15xH13, D22x18xH10, D22x18xH22, D23x18xH16, D24x19xH31, D25x19xH15, D25x20xH13, D25x23xH9, D26x21xH13, D27x21xH18, D28x22xH16.5, D28x23xH28, D28x25xH14, D29x21xH20, D30x19xH13, D30x20xH25(M6), D30x20xH25(M8), D30x22xH15, D31x18xH26, D31x24xH25, D32x21xH22, D32x24xH16, D32x24xH18, D32x25xH20, D32x27xH30, D33x27xH33, D35x24xH32, D36x28xH25, D38x30xH17, D40x28xH40, D40x30xH22, D43x32xH52, D46x32xH25, D47x33xH28, D49x32xH29, D50x32xH30, D50x35xH25, D50x38xH40, D50x40xH50