2040 V Slot Extruded Aluminum 1 Meter 20mm x 40mm

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V Slot 2040 Aluminium Extrusion

V Slot Extruded Aluminum is a new concept aluminum extrusion, it can be used as linear motion rail on most mechanical projects. This Vslot extrusion have 6 v groove rails on all 4 sides, the v groove linear rails allow V wheels sliding smoothly. Many makers, hobbyists, 3d printer enthusiasts and engineers use this V slot extruded aluminum create a lot of creative 3D printers, CNC, laser cutters and robotics .

Material: 6603-T5 aluminium alloy with anodizing
Extrusion Size: 20mm x 40mm (2040)
Color: Silver or black
Length: 1 meter/pc

We also offer other lengths Vslot extrusion cutting services, drilling services and taping services, cutting charge USD0.35 per length, drilling and taping charge: USD0.35/hole, MOQ 5 meter total.
For large wholesale orders please you contact us by email.

Package List:
1PC of 1 Meter Long 2040 V Slot Aluminium Extrusion

Weight 0.95 kg