Linear Bearings and Linear Slide Blocks from China

Makeralot intended to offer a full range linear bearing as soon as possible on our new website. We will not only supply 8mm, 10mm, 12mm linear bearings and linear bearing blocks, but also supply 6mm 16mm 20mm and 25mm inner diameter bearings and sliders, that is to say we’ll provide all linear motion bearing product suitable for 6mm to 12 mm linear shafts from now. LM6UU, LM8UU, LM10UU, LM12UU, LM13UU, LM16UU, LM20UU, LM25UU; LM6LUU, LM8LUU, LM12LUU, LM13LUU, LM16LUU, LM20LUU, LM25LUU; LMF6UU, LMF8UU, LMF10UU, LMF12UU, LMK13UU, LMF16UU, LMF20UU, LMF25UU; LMK6UU, LMK8UU, LMK10UU, LMK12UU, LMK13UU, LMK16UU, LMK20UU, LMK25UU; LMH6UU, LMH8UU, LMH10UU, LMH12UU, LMH13UU, LMH16UU, LMH20UU, LMH25UU; SCS6UU, SCS8UU, SCS10UU, SCS12UU, SCS16UU, SCS20UU, SCS25UU; SCS8LUU, SCS10LUU, SCS12LUU, SCS16LUU, SCS20LUU, SCS25LUU; SBR10UU, SBR12UU, SBR16UU, SBR20UU, SBR25UU; SBR16LUU, SBR20LUU, SBR25LUU. If there is any model you can’t find out from Makeralot website please you email us. We are committed to the best possible products and services for world makers, 3ders, 3D printing hobbyists, CNC enthusiast, engineer, DIY Hobbyist, school all over the world