Commonly used electronic components pack

Published: Monday 21 March, 2016

Maker is one of the hottest vocabulary this years, the rise of Makers means the coming of the "individual manufacturing era". It also led to the rise of electronic components small batch purchase demand, however, most of the shopping platform have not considering this requirement of Makers. Makeralot very happy to provide a variety of electronic components combination pack, now we begin to sell commonly used 1/4 W metal film resistors combination pack, commonly used electrolytic capacitor combinat kit, common LEDs combinat pack, common diodes, common triodes, common glass fuse tube assorted pack, etc. We sell and ship all over the world, if you are a maker, a DIYer, an electronic enthusiasts, a student or a teacher, hope Makeralot can bring some convenience to you in the procurement of electronic components.

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