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Published: Thursday 26 May, 2016
MAKERALOT is professional accessories online sales website on 3d printing field, CNC field and Makers field. Makeralot supply quality 3d printer accessories, maker tools and DIY materials to 3Ders, DIYers and Makers all over the world.

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Recently many clients feedback to us the freight is expensive.

So, why do they feel the freight is expensive?

Shipping cost mainly depends on the shipping weight(gross weight or dimensional weight) of your order. If you order only heavy items or more heavy items you may feel the freight is higher than expected. For example, aluminum extrusions, stepper motors and 3d printing filaments these are heavy items, if you only have these items in you cart you will see the freight is high. In this case, we recommend that you also buy some other products to share the freight, like timing belt, timing pulley, electronics, etc.

We will continue to add new products on Makeralot webstore, you can use the search box at the top right corner of the page to search the product you are finding. If you can not find the product please you write E-mail to us: hello@makeralot.com, we will quote you by email. Also if you have larger orders, you can ask us for seperate quotes, you order more you will get more discount, you will get best price.

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