34Pcs 3296W Variable Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer Pack 17 Values

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  • 3296W Trimmer Potentiometer Combine Pack

    17 values (each 2) total 34pcs variable resistor included:
    2pc x 10 ohm (100),
    2pc x 20 ohm (200),
    2pc x 50 ohm (500),
    2pc x 100 ohm (101),
    2pc x 200 ohm (201),
    2pc x 500 ohm (501),
    2pc x 1K ohm (102),
    2pc x 2K ohm (202),
    2pc x 5K ohm (502),
    2pc x 10K ohm (103),
    2pc x 20K ohm (203),
    2pc x 50K ohm (503),
    2pc x 100K ohm (104),
    2pc x 200K ohm (204),
    2pc x 500K ohm (504),
    2pc x 1M ohm (105),
    2pc x 2M ohm (205)

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